April 29, 2021
by Dave West

Why Buy Big Batteries Better?

In this series of articles, BatNav will share its reasons for why we help you Buy Big Batteries Better.

At BatNav, a Big Battery is anything that stores (a lot of) energy. Until recently, most energy storage has been chemical, like hydrocarbon fuels, with a high energy density and easy transportability. Batteries have been relatively small, like the batteries in a phone or laptop. Today, batteries power cars, buses, industrial plants, and even electricity grids. They store a lot of energy, and we call them Big Batteries.

But a Big Battery includes any energy storage system. Energy storage is the infrastructure that converts electrical energy (i.e., electricity) into other forms of energy (e.g., potential, kinetic, chemical, electro-chemical, etc.) which is more easily stored for later use. 

When we need the electricity within a Big Battery, the battery converts the energy back to electricity that powers our public facilities, businesses, and homes.

Big Batteries allow us to control when we use electricity and become a critical component of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure. 

Big Batteries include Li-ion batteries, flow batteries, pumped hydroelectric systems, hydrogen, compressed air, flywheels, supercapacitors, and many other emerging energy storage technologies.

At BatNav, we know that the energy transition needs energy storage, lots of it. And we want the energy transition to happen fast. So when big battery technologies emerge, we want buyers informed and confident so they can manage their risk and continue leading the energy transition.

We will explain:

  • Why we need Big Batteries
  • How projects buy Big Batteries
  • Why change
  • What’s the solution
  • What’s the challenge
  • What’s the benefit

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Dave West
Dave has more than 15 years of experience in engineering design and procurement of advanced engineering materials from international suppliers for use in hazardous industries. Dave has led teams of engineers, quality and expediting professionals on megaprojects to deliver materials and equipment on schedule, assure quality, and resolve non-compliances. Dave has a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering and a Masters in International Commercial Law from the University of Queensland.