Posted on May 04, 2021, in Crowdfunding

Our Equity Crowdfunding campaign is now open!

Today we initiated our Equity Crowdfunding campaign on Birchal and we’re very excited to take this big step forward for our goal.

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But what exactly is an Equity Crowdfunding campaign?

Well, on a regular crowdfunding campaign you’ll usually donate to some institution to be able to provide a service or manufacture a product, and in return, you may or may not get a sample or an early version of the product.

But in an Equity Crowdfunding campaign, you are buying real shares! It really is an investment, but not necessarily a Wall Street-style one, these are very affordable investments, starting at $50, so anyone can invest in something they believe in and get a return in the future.

And starting today, we are offering BatNav shares in our Equity Crowdfunding campaign! Check our Birchal page and be part of our future.

Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing

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